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Save your high school team over 80% with these exclusive Gatorade Packages.

The 2022 Gatorade packages always come with free shipping to help you save as much as possible.

The Gatorade high school packages start at only $80 (includes free shipping!). There is a package tailored for everyone's needs and budget.

Who can take advantage of the great deals offered with the Gatorade sideline program?

All high school sports teams, athletic trainers, and athletic programs are eligible to purchase the Gatorade packages, and would benefit from having easily accessible hydration and energy products.

With convenient online ordering, it’s never been easier to get Gatorade kits for your team.


You can even checkout with a School Purchase Order only at Vision Sporting Goods/Gatorade!













How do I use a Purchase Order when ordering:

  • Go through and place your order with the details.

  • Upon checkout, select Purchase Order and submit your order.

  • We will then send you a W9 for your finance department to provide us with a PO number.

  • Once you receive a PO number from them, forward it to us and I will get the product ordered. 

  • We will send you an invoice with payment details on it where you can mail in a check or pay with a credit card online if you prefer. 

Email if you have any questions and we will promptly respond. Thank you.